Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photo Booths are Very Fun

I really adored the photo booth at my friend June's wedding, like seriously thought it was the most fun thing ever.  Let this serve as my public apology to the McCaskill's for highjacking the photo booth and wasting so much film.  But I really did have a good time.  Here is the proof.

Grizzly Grannies, Grrrrrrrr
Inside joke, nice facials
After the store made me order my bridesmaid dress in a size 10, then having to pay a tailor as much as I paid for the thing to cut it in half and sew it back together to fit me, the zipper busted out:(
I'm most proud of this one
Sorry again, sheesssh
By far, the very best photo booth pic of the evening.  I don't know these fine people, but I wish I did.

Fun fact of the day:  Snow geese mate for life.  Isn't that sweet?

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