Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day Trip - Cordova

I was sick this week and had to venture into Cordova to see the doctor.  I do not generally enjoy anything past White Station but I think I will be visiting it a little more once the Homegoods store opens.  It won't be long now!

I also made myself some chicken soup.  This is my go to recipe.  It is easy, delicious, and the perfect twist on the traditional chicken noodle.  I use a rotissere chicken which cuts down total prep and cook time on this to less than 30 minutes.  Add an ice cold mountain dew and you will be feeling better in no time!

Fun fact of the day:  Founded by Admiral Pedro Menendez de Aviles in 1565, St. Augustine, FL is the oldest city in the United States.  For the sake of elementary school social studies teachers everywhere, I hope that you already knew this one.

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  1. Love your blog! Just a heads up-Home Goods will be doing a soft open tonight- Fri August 10th from 4-9pm!