Friday, July 6, 2012

It Really is Grand

On my recent trip to Las Vegas, I decided it was now or never for a trip to the Grand Canyon.  I have always wanted to see it so I convinced my parents to meet me in Vegas after my work conference was over and drive to Arizona to see it.  I am so glad i did because it was amazing, definitely worth the 3 hour drive and $80 admission into the Indian Reservation to see it.  It is unbelievably deep and goes on for as far as you can see in either direction, 277 miles to be exact.  Here are some pictures of us celebrating Independence Day at one of the seven wonders of the world!

Here we are at Eagle Point.  The rock formation to the right is supposed to look like an eagle.  Hmmmmm.

 I was surprised by the fact that there were no guard rails, ropes or anything else to keep you away from the edge of the canyon.  You can just walk right up to the edge.

 Mom is really clumsy, but luckily dad was there to save the day.

 This is Guano Point.  Yes guano, as in bat poop.  Nitrate rich guano was mined here in the 50's.  It's used to make fertilizer and mascara.  Check the ingredient list on your favorite brand, it's there.

 View of the Colorado River from Guano Point.

There is a 15 mile stretch of dirt road leading to the GC that is "open range", meaning that these guys are just roaming around as they wish.  They were about the same size as our rental car.

This is the Joshua Forest that you pass through to get to the GC.  Joshua trees are part of the yucca family and can live to be 1,000 years old. 

Up next on my tour of natural wonders will hopefully be the Redwood Forest.  Who's coming with me?

Fun fact of the day:  Presidents Adams, Jefferson, and Monroe all died on the 4th of July.

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