Saturday, July 28, 2012

More Craigslist Finds!

After the great success of my first Craigslist post, I found some more items you all might be interested in.  Go forth, bargain and buy, refurbish and enjoy!  Now I just need to find out who Craig is!  This is a cute little table, I like it round.  Paint this bright white or gray and line the back of the shelves with fabric.  $150 is a great deal.  Really cute, great for extra storage and can't beat under $100!  In case you need one to drop on a cartoon's head.  Love this rug, the worn spots give it so much character.  These are amazing!  Cute little thing.  Paint and new knobs and you have a lovely night stand.  Our old buddy Hughey has some good looking crocks.  I like the one with the crown on it.  What does that mean?  Would use as a planter.  This has a cool look to it.  Would use it as a TV console.  Love these.  So fancy:)  Last but not least.  Who wants to teach me to play it?

Fun fact of the day:  Lake Titicaca is the body of water at the highest elevation in South America.  And, it's really funny to say:)

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