Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunday Funday

On Saturday my BFF Kelly and I headed to Cape Girardeau to meet our friend Lucy's new baby.  It's a little over a 2-hour drive, but it was well worth it.  He did not disappoint.  He is perfect in every way! 

Ladies and Gentleman, I proudly introduce to you, Mr. Frank Fitz Warmke! Welcome to the world little man, you are so loved <3.  And, you have the coolest mama in town.

I almost never turn down a trip to visit Lucy because I love her and value her friendship of course, but I also get to go to Taco Johns.  If you are unfamiliar with TJ, you are missing out.  If you love a good taco like I do, you should find a location near you.  The only problem is, they aren't really a southern chain.  The closest one to Memphis is in Sikeston, MO, almost 2 hours away.  The closest to Nashville/Clarksville is in Murray, KY.  To me, a taco connoisseur of sorts, it's worth the drive.  If you ever find yourself in the drive through line at Taco Johns, might I reccomend the crunchy tacos (don't forget the hot or mild sauce) the potato oles, a side of nachos, and a Mt. Dew.  I may or may not have eaten there twice on Sunday.

 Look at that face!  I am so happy at Taco Johns!

Feast!  I love the yellow liquid cheese:)

Fun fact of the day:  The state animal of Missouri is the mule.  Great choice!

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