Monday, August 20, 2012

Homegoods Inauguration

Last week, I finally made my first pilgramage to the brand new Homegoods in Cordova.  It was pretty great, just like all of their other locations.  I am just happy to have one within an hour drive of me so that when I need a new bath mat, or gourmet dip mix or velvet lined hangers I'll know exactly where to go.  I got out of there only spending $40 on such exciting items as:  veggie chips, an apple peeler, a mercury glass pumpkin and kitchen tongs.  You know, the basics.  I took a few photos of some things I thought were notable but did not purchase.

This console table is a little rustic for my tastes but I thought it would be cute in a beach house or boys room.  I have neither of those things.

I love this mirror for a small bathroom or entry hall.  Check out my legs, still a tad chickenish.

Aren't you glad I found this?  I know you have been looking for one of these your whole life.  Only $59!

Fun fact of the day: The US-Canada border is the longest border in the world without a military defense. It's always good to have nice neighbors.

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