Friday, September 21, 2012

Phone Photo Clean Up

I went through my phone photo gallery last night to delete some unnecessary photos.  These are some jems I found along with a little explanation.

 I think this was in Vegas.  Poor Woody is all alone.  I wonder what he's got in that bag?

 I found this beauty at an antique store in Dickson, TN.

 When my dad came to visit, I guess he needed a good place to put his gun.  A miniature pink baking dish is the perfect solution, no?

I think this is my knee. 

 This really makes me want to buy a motorcycle jacket.

 I stood behind this couple to check a bag in Orange County.  They were going on their honeymoon.  The woman is on the left and the man is on the right.  I did not make this up.

I took this picture at a concert, and I think it is amazing.  I would sell it to Getty Images but I have no idea who the band is. 

 This is my Grandma's sheriff duck.  He patrols her screened porch.
 This is my friend Jen doing a little vacuuming before last year's Christmas party.  Yes, my vacuum has a headlight, because people frequently vacuum in the dark.

Fun fact of the day:  Frank Baum got the name Oz in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ from his alphabetized filing cabinet (O-Z).

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