Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Don't Hate This

Let me preface this post by making a statement:  I don't like beer.  I think it tastes bad, and if I drink a whole 12oz or so I feel like I just ate an entire Pizza Hut large pizza.

This weekend I attended my first beer festival.  I actually had fun!  There was great company and I sampled a few different things.  All but one ended up being dumped in the parking lot.  So I declare Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan to be the BEST BEER IN THE WORLD:)

I am sure that almost no one agrees with me on this, and I couldn't tell you what it is that I really liked about it.  I just know it didn't taste like crap.  I probably still won't buy it at the grocery store, or order it in a bar, but when forced to drink a beer I could probably finish a whole one of these without gagging.

Congrats Lazy Magnolia, your beer isn't terrible:)

Fun fact of the day: There is a scale for measuring the spiciness of food. It is called the Scoville Heat Index. The spiciest pepper has over 1,000,000 Scoville units.

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  1. Clearly I am stalking you now. But yes Lazy Magnolia is awesome. You might like a lambic, like Framboise. Or hard ciders. Also. I like schafly coffee stout and I never ever though beer and coffee could mix well.