Monday, October 15, 2012

Taco Test

This weekend I decided to take the advice of the Memphis Flyer, who obviously copied my Taco Top Five blog post for this month's cover story Tour De Tacos, and try one of the tacos they recommended.  On Friday I ordered the Cheese Steak Tacos at El Toro Loco.  I give them 3.5 stars.  The tortillas were good, the steak was good, the cheese was phenomenal, but the raw onions were not so good.  They were overpowering and chopped pretty finely so it was hard to pick them off.  I would suggest El Toro Loco switching to sauteed onions instead of raw to give it a more "cheese steak" taste.  I bet that would gain them another whole star on my scale.  These tacos may have made the top list for the Flyer but they did not crack my top 5. 

Fun fact of the day:  The Arctic gets its name from the Greek word for "bear" (arctos) because of its proximity to the constellation "Ursa Major" ("great bear" in Latin).


  1. Thanks for this review. Out of that whole article, these were the only tacos that looked decent.

  2. Totally in love with these tacos. Also totally in love with raw onions. So there you go. :)