Friday, December 7, 2012

Quotes From Dad

My dad is super cool.  Everyone likes him.  He is funny, and goofy, and kind and giving.  He's had a mustache for about 40 years and likes to wear a yellow hoodie with surf boards on it that says "Santa Monica", and sometimes he tucks in his sweaters.  He tells a lot of jokes, and says some pretty hilarious stuff.  Here are some examples:

Me - "Dad, what are you getting mom for Christmas?"
Dad- "candy and tater chips"

Mom - "Mike, what was the name of the special guest at the bluegrass Christmas show we went to at the Ryman last night?"
Dad -  "Mick Jagger"

He's a winner!

Fun face of the day:   The space between your pointer finger and thumb is called the "purlicue."

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