Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Un-American Idol

Call me cold-hearted but I really can't stand that every single contestant on American Idol has some sort of sad sob-story to tell at the audition.  Like:
  • I had to take a medication that was supposed to make me not be able to have children and now I have a baby.
  • I had my tonsils removed.
  • When I was 12 my grandma came to live with us when she fell and broke her hip. (I made that one up).
I'm pretty sure everyone has to deal with things in their life that are unpleasant, unfortunately that's life.  I'm not sure why overcoming life's obstacles qualifies someone to win a singing contest?  And, if they are doing it for viewership or to make us want to root for the underdog, that isn't going to work if they are all underdogs.  Right?

Off soapbox.

On a lighter note, if you don't have Valentine's plans I would suggest that you hit up the Internet Cat Video Film Festival at the Brooks Museum.  Cat videos, crazy cat ladies, a DJ, and craft projects - all ingredients for an excellent way to celebrate your singleness.  Or bring a date, I'm sure guys would really enjoy this, it's not weird at all.  http://www.brooksmuseum.org/Default.aspx?p=68375&evtid=97377

Fun fact of the day:  The Vince Lombardi Trophy has been made by Tiffany & Co since 1967.  It is sterling silver and weighs 7 pounds.

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